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Jul 1, 2020

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Kidde Smoke Alarms

Fire safety is something we don’t often talk about when renovating homes; however, it doesn’t mean it is not important. As a matter of fact, I’d even argue to say it’s one of the most important items to pick out when renovating a home.

As home furnishings and construction materials have transitioned to the use of synthetic materials, which may react differently in a home fire, the industry standards for smoke alarms have changed. When we were searching for smoke alarms to install at Misty Mill, we wanted them to meet all the new UL fire test requirements and Kidde’s TruSense Advanced Smoke Detection Technology does just that.

Kidde is the first manufacturer to meet new UL requirements for smoke sensor technology with it’s Advanced TruSense sensor. It detects fire faster and reduces nuisance alarms often caused by cooking. We read up further on this topic, and found out that 96% of households claim they have at least one smoke alarm in their home but sadly in fires in which the smoke alarms were present but didn’t operate, almost 46% of smoke alarms had missing or disconnected batteries due to nuisance alarms. We wanted to avoid this at all costs, so we knew we needed to use Kiddes’ 2070-VASR smoke alarm. Here are some of our favorite features:

  1. Advanced Smoke Sensor – The advanced smoke sensor reacts to smoldering and flaming polyurethane fires while reducing cooking nuisance alarms.
  2. Voice notifications – a voice alerts you to the presence of smoke or a low battery.
  3. Multi-color LEDs – you can receive visual notifications of alarm status (green: alarm is operational; amber: low battery/unit error; red: smoke detected).
  4. Front Load Battery Backup Door – You can quickly change the backup battery without removing the alarm from the mounting bracket.
  5. Test/Hush® Button – Tests alarm circuitry and activates Hush feature to temporarily silence nuisance alarms for up to 10 minutes. End of Unit Life and Low Battery can also be silenced.
  6. End of Unit Life Warning – When are you supposed to replace your smoke alarm with a new one? Well, now you don’t have to guess. This alarm alerts you when the unit is in need of a replacement.
  7. Warranty – Kidde Smoke Alarms have a 10-year limited warranty.

As parents to three kids and constantly having guests visit us at Misty Mill, these Kidde smoke alarms give us so much peace of mind. We will be alerted to actual fire emergencies and won’t be as tempted to disable an alarm to avoid nuisance alarms. With no alarm batteries out and no smoke alarms disconnected because of an abundance of nuisance alarms, I know my family will be safe as can be.

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