Mar 19, 2020

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Misty Mill was originally built with a log cabin kit in 1988 and when we found it, it was in really rough shape both inside and out. And while we were excited to tackle a big project like this…we also wanted to be able to actually relax and enjoy it once we finished renovations.  Knowing that it would be a vacation home, we invested just as much time and energy incorporating low maintenance functionality into the design as we did considering any aesthetic payoffs.  As we demo’d rotten trim boards, we knew the replacements would need to be far more durable, workable, and have longer lasting beauty than the boards that were literally crumbling in our hands.  That’s why we selected LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding products.

On the cabin itself, we replaced all the trim with LP® SmartSide® Smooth Trim.  This smooth appearance with advanced durability of engineered wood strand technology comes pre-primed for optimal paint adhesion.  These 16′ boards are also easy to hold and maneuver, making the installation faster and less wasteful.  LP’s proprietary SmartGuard® process adds strength and protection against impacts, freezing/thawing cycles, high humidity and fungal decay.

Durability, but specifically moisture resistance, was an even more critical requirement for products we installed at the boat house for obvious reasons.  Here we utilized a combination of LP® SmartSide® products.  The Cedar Texture Shakes installed on the gable faces of the boat house provide the beautiful, traditional look of cedar with easier maintenance over time. These shiplaped-edged 11.69″ x 48.56″ planks with staggered edges (although straight edge is an available option) offer a seamless, textured effect with incredibly easy installation.  The Smooth Finish Trim on the gable perimeters can withstand up to 200 mph wind gusts.  The Smooth Soffit (along with all the other SmartSide® products) came pre-finished and was quick and easy to install.  The interior gables feature LP’s SmartSide® Lap Siding, which provides the protection of LP’s SmartGuard® process along with all of the other LP trim products installed on the boat house.  All of these engineered solutions from LP allowed us to achieve beauty of realistic woodgrain textures but it also give us peace of mind in this harsh environment with the industry-leading 5/50 year warranty.  Seriously, LP trusts this product so much, they back it for 50 years!

Learn more about LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding products by clicking here.

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