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Mar 25, 2020

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The loft at Misty Mill is a fun, retro-themed bonus room perfect for napping, playing board games, reading comics, or watching a show on the tablet. We knew that we wanted to have a nod to comic books in this room because our oldest son’s obsession. His love for comics, especially The Flash, quickly caught on with the rest of the family! Now our favorite family outings always include a stop at the comic bookstore (yes, they still exist😊). We found these antique comic book character tins on a family vacation in Vermont this past fall and made custom frames to hang them in the loft. This vintage comic theme gives the space a playful, nostalgic feel that both kids and adults can appreciate. We opted for two double beds rather than twins or bunk beds because we want the space to feel just as accommodating to adult guest as well as our tiny humans. We painted footlockers found at the local army-navy store to coordinate with the room’s décor while adding functional storage.

Sources:  flooring by Real Wood Floors; shiplap by Columbia Forest Products; paint by Sherwin Williams; quilts and pillow shams by Pendleton; stair railings by Feeney; window by Lluminare; sconces by Generation Lighting; HVAC and smart thermostats by York; smart outlets and switches by Legrand; Echo Dot and Fire Tablet by Amazon; bed frames by Birchlane

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