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Mar 26, 2020

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While most of Misty Mill’s renovations focused on accommodating large family gatherings and welcoming guests, the master suite was all about creating a private retreat for Chip & Pauli. They needed a calm secluded spot to rest and recharge before jumping back into entertaining mode. And that soft-landing spot…well, it undoubtedly doubles as the focal point of the room. The bed is completely suspended in style, hanging from ropes anchored to the cabin’s structural timbers. The Native-American inspired blanket brings warmth and a soft hint of wilderness to the room. The shiplap, elegant lighting features, and playful accessories helped the design team strike that right balance of casual yet luxurious feel to the suite.

Sources: door hardware by Delaney; door by Masonite; floors by Real Wood Floors; bed by Four Oak Bed Swings; wall and trim paint by Sherwin Williams; blanket and clothing by Pendleton; shiplap from Columbia Forest Products; chandeliers by Lamps Plus; closet system by ClosetMaid; air purifier by Molekule; windows by Lluminare; décor items by Birchlane; smart outlets and switches by Legrand.

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