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May 14, 2020

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The garage at Misty Mill isn’t any ordinary garage. It’s a steel frame structure packed with purpose. It served as the hub of our renovation receiving daily shipments of products, materials and equipment. Now that the renovation is complete, its main purpose is to house all of our maintenance equipment, tools, and other fun outdoor gear. From tools to BB guns, to paint, to a commercial grade lawn mower, the garage stores pretty much everything we need to keep Misty Mill in tip-top shape! As you look at the outside of the garage from the lake, a custom camp-inspired painted mural greets you. However, when you step inside the garage, the interior may really surprise you!

Pre-Finished Plywood Wall Panels

The team added both personality and extra-functionality by installing 2’x4’ pre-finished plywood panels from Columbia Forest Products in a brickwork pattern. It looks like it would have taken us weeks to install these panels, but in reality, it was quite easy! Because the panels were already pre-finished on BOTH sides and pre-cut, all we had to do was put our grid up, paint the grid black and then we glued and micro-pinned the panels up on the walls. Because this garage is not climate controlled, we love the fact that the pre-finished plywood panels are finished on BOTH sides. This makes them last longer, especially in a non-climate controlled space! By adding these panels to the garage, it gives this space a more polished look and comfortable feel. We chose Columbia Forest Products because of their 60 years of experience and their sustainable forestry practices and innovative manufacturing. We knew we would be getting a solid, long-lasting, and great-quality product from them. Also, did we mention that their PureBond hardwood plywood panels are made with a formaldehyde-free, soy-based technology? You heard that right! There is no danger of off-gassing VOC’s from any of their panels. The last thing that’s worth pointing out about Columbia Forest Products is that all of their products are manufactured in North America, which is a major bonus!

Storage Solutions

You may also notice the massive storage boxes we have in the garage from KNAACK. They have the best storage solutions to organize things such as tools, paint, finishes, outdoor gear, etc. We also labeled our drawers to ensure everything can be found quickly and efficiently and also to be able to put back in the correct drawer. KNAACK has so many different styles available that you are bound to find one (or a few) that suit your storage needs. They are robust, secure, and user friendly. Some key features we love are: 


These come with your selected storage unit or your unit will come with pre-punched skids which allow easy installation of casters. Casters make it easy to move the storage units around if necessary. Usually 2 casters swivel and 2 are rigid.

Open Design

There are no center posts in these cabinets so that you can have maximum metal tool cabinet storage and accessibility.


Made of steel… literally! These are heavy duty, 16-gauge steel locking tool cabinets constructed with fully arc-welded seams.


They have the WATCHMAN® IV Lock System with 2 or 3-point latch and recessed lock housing for theft prevention.

Foot Operated Latch

This is super convenient, especially if your hands are full! You can still quickly and easily open the cabinet with one push of your foot.


They have a THREE year warranty.


These storage units have a powder-coat finish which ensure long-term durability and corrosion resistance.

Recessed Side Handles

Heavy-duty recessed side handles enhance mobility and protect the industrial tool cabinet against damage in transport.


All drawers can hold up to 100 pounds each and have ball-bearing glides.

Misty Mill’s garage is the perfect space to house all of our home maintenance equipment, tools and gear for outdoor activities. It also provides a great space for the DIYer who enjoys tinkering with projects (*Chip & David!*). We call it a garage, but it actually serves dual purposes. It functions as a garage AND a workshop and that’s ultimately why we love it!

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